Solar Power For Home Is The Best Option

The price of electricity is skyrocketing and finding an alternative power source is on everyone’s mind. In Australia the best alternative power source and the cheapest would have to be solar power. Taking advantage of the suns rays to generate electricity is at the finger tips of all of us. Wasting money on exorbitant electricity bills is frustrating, but you don’t have to suffer anymore. Connection your home up to solar power is easy once you do a bit of research you could build the solar panels yourself if you have a particular low budget. Most of the equipment you will need to install solar power is actually available from the local hardware store. Once you have your solar system on the roof or wherever else you build your panels it will only be a short while before you have paid off your costs and the power you generate will not cost you anything. In actual fact you could have the electricity providers paying you for your excess power.

The actually process of turning the suns rays into usable electricity is done by solar panels. In the old days solar power systems were more expensive, but government rebates helped bring the price down and even without a rebate it is still a lot cheaper to install a solar system now than it was ten years ago. The rising awareness of what we are doing to our planet means that we are all looking for renewable energy and a greener future for the communities where we live.

While it may take a bit of effort at the start once you have your system up and running you will be surprised at how easy it is to generate your own power. The are a couple of ways to go about the set up one way is to get your system professional installed, it is the most expensive way, but then you won’t have to worry about a thing. If you do it yourself there are hundreds of diy plans and videos to take you step by step through the process, you may be surprised to learn how easy it is to build your own solar panels and connect up your entire home to solar power.

By harnessing the power of the sun you will be doing your part for the environment, if every one of us does our bit then pretty soon the planet will be less polluted, cleaner, greener more beautiful world, and you’ll be saving money. Everyone knows that renewable power is the way of the future and just by facing some panels at the sun you will be doing your part. The power of the sun will always be there and will always be free and always available you can’t go wrong.

Solar Power For Your Home

Global recession means belt tightening for most of us, global warming has us worried about the environmental impact we are having on our planet and the implementation of carbon taxes around the world are driving up the prices of electricity.
As modern technology puts renewable energy sources within reach, more and more people are searching out alternatives and connecting Solar Power For Home means becoming a part of the solution and not the problem.
We are all responsible for doing our best to combat climate change, and every little bit helps.
Converting the suns energy into usable electricity for your appliances may seem a daunting task, but there are many Home Solar Systems available for every budget whether you want to pay top dollar and get the professionals to install an extensive system or you want to have a go with DIY Solar Kits. There are basic guides available with extensive instructions to walk you step by step through setting up a system with common household supplies available from the hardware store.

Building the best solar panels for your situation is relatively easy once you know how, and when they are installed on the roof of your house, or ground mounted if that is a better option to capture the suns rays.

It’s then simply a matter of connecting to an inverter to convert the DC (direct current) into AC (alternating current). Then hooking up a battery system so you can store the power or feed back into the grid.

The beauty of connecting Solar Panels To Your Home is it’s a clean, green energy source and once you have it up and running it’s free. And depending on the size of the system that you install, you can have your meter running backwards. The power companies will then be paying you for your excess, which equates to money in your pocket.
Whichever system you decide to go with it’s easy to quickly connect all the appliances in your home and take care of all your electricity needs.

When are we going to develop solar panels that are more effective at catching the sun’s rays?

Question by king.louis: When are we going to develop solar panels that are more effective at catching the sun’s rays?
Today in order to “complement” the electricity in the home you need to install large solar panels on homes, approximately 1300KW. Are we getting to a point where we will only need a small panel to feed our homes with the energy necessary to run all our appliances? When can we expect to see new solar technologies that are much more effective?

Best answer:

Answer by stamatis
Unknown. After a research during last months, I found today panels have approximately an efficiency of 15% (very low). NASA has make some experiments lead to a result of 25%. This because no solar panel use all wavelengths of light (colors) which the sunlight have a lot.
Today the most efficient way is steam produced indirectly from sun.

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How much does it cost to make a solar power plant?

Question by haili: How much does it cost to make a solar power plant?
How much does it cost to make a solar power plant so it gives off the same amount of power as a Nuclear power plant?

Best answer:

Answer by rahychy
this is a question with several differant answers…..

depending on consuption if its going on a consuming structure co-generating

or a stand alone generation station. the most cost effective would be a hybrid


the thermal would heat a closed contained liquid and make steam to turn large turbine.

0,000US will get u quite the little generator. ,000,000US u have a major player

my general rule is us per sq ft of heating/cooling space.

I am presently puting together the single largest solar project of its kind. entire subdivisions of low cost modular homes with the entire roof as the mini-generating station. so if u put up say 400 units. when this hole subdivision comes on line u have a major Generating Station.

maitaining a plant with no moving parts to wear-out, well except to send some one to clean the panels off once every 6 months wound not be much up-keep……

the panels have 20 to 25yr warrenties and 30yr life

some put up in the late 60′s r still generating.

Read more:

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Can solar power be stored as kinetic energy?

Question by I. C. Warming: Can solar power be stored as kinetic energy?
For instance, if a solar powered winch lifted a weight, could the subsequent downward motion of that weight drive an electric generator that operated after dark?
Or is there some other efficient way to store solar power that is not about a battery, or about just storing heat?

Best answer:

Answer by Joheye
You could use a capacitor but that is just about as inefficient as a battery. Storing energy is really tricky because it is so inefficient. You could heat up a substance to a extremely high temperature and use that to boil water to convert it to steam to power a generator. That would be better than a gigantic battery.

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How to light a bulb using solar power?

Question by Vaibhav: How to light a bulb using solar power?
I have got a project from school that I have to make a bulb or a LED glow using solar power.
I googled it and really got confused.
If you can help me then i would be really thankful!!
I just have to generate a little power.
And I do not want It to be toooo costly.
thanks in advance :)

Best answer:

Answer by Entang Suratman
You can not light bulb in the night by a solar power. Instead you have to charge a battery in the day and left the battery lights the bulb in the night. take a used battery of acar if you have one.
Just select bulb of same voltage to the battery/solar power and that is it.
To light led, you have to know the voltage rating of the leds.
Some leds has 1.5 volt rating and some 3 Volt.
You have to connect 8 sets of led in series if you use 1,5 V leds or take 4 of 3 volt led in series.

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With solar panels, what is the difference between price per watt and the total cost of the panel?

Question by Cameron: With solar panels, what is the difference between price per watt and the total cost of the panel?
When you are purchasing large quantities of photovoltaic solar panels, they are priced as the overall cost, and then a price per watt. What is the difference, and how does the price per watt relate to the overall performance?

Best answer:

Answer by roderick_young
The price per watt is a figure of merit, but is not how the panels are sold, any more than a gallon of gas is sold by how many miles you will be able to drive with it. You buy the gas at a certain price, then how many miles you actually get depends on what car you drive, and other factors.

In the same way, a certain model of panel is sold for an agreed-upon price. Let’s say it’s a 200-watt panel, and sold for 0. If the panel was rated in accordance with established standards, that means the panel will deliver 200 watts under ideal sunlight and temperature (that only happens about an hour a day, if that). So you can calculate that the price was 400/200 = per watt.

If the strong sunlight shines on the panel for 1 hour, then the energy produced is 200 watt-hours. This is where many people get confused. A watt is different from a watt-hour. A watt is a unit of power, like how strong a man is. A watt-hour is a unit of energy, like the work accomplished by that man in 1 hour.

The watt-hours or kilowatt-hours delivered are what light the rooms, run the appliances, or are sold to the power company. Getting those is a matter of having a good geographic location and installation.

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Q&A: How many solar panels with one wind generator would you need to power a pop up?

Question by tucher87: How many solar panels with one wind generator would you need to power a pop up?
I am looking at buying a pop up and would like to make it run off of deep cycle batteries but charging these batteries I would like to use a combination of solar panels and 1 wind generator. How many batteries would I need how many solar panels and what wind generator should I buy. I would be powering the lights an fridge and sometimes a AC or Heater.

I live in west Texas where it never rains and its always windy

Best answer:

Answer by redsrule4500
Hope it’s not cloudy without wind for a while, you’ll be left with warm food and darkness.

An air conditioner/heater would be such a huge load on the system, wind/solar most likely don’t make sense for an individual, unless you’re on a lake or in California where it’s sunny everyday.

You would need around 200 W for a fridge, 100 W for small lights, and….500 W (?) for heating/air….so you’re looking at some pretty big batteries!! Every 2 hours you will use at least 1.5 kWh of energy.

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Anyone can help me how to find solar power for home usage?

Question by nanda: Anyone can help me how to find solar power for home usage?
I want to know more about solar power that can be used in individual homes, where do we get it and what about the cost?

Best answer:

Answer by Jim W October 2011 issue has an article on solar for homes. I haven’t read it yet, but hat is one lead for you to check out.

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How easy is it to turn off solar power?

Question by Amy: How easy is it to turn off solar power?
I need to know for a school project how easy it is to turn off solar power when you no longer need it? thanks :)

Best answer:

Answer by Soc the Poetic Chemist
You need a breaker switch.

Follow all manufactureres rules

do not dissconnect with sun shining

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How solar panels and furnaces work?

Question by Emily: How solar panels and furnaces work?
Ok, so my homework was to research and write about how solar panels and solar furnaces work and about their construction. We didn’t even take one lesson on it in class and we are not allowed to copy and paste much and have to keep it simple wtf? Its soo annoying as we have hardly took it in class. Please can someone help.

Best answer:

Answer by Jacques Poutine
you are on the internet.

take a ride on the google train and try researching its what non-stupid people do.

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Solar for Home

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